Westin San Francisco

Make a Green Choice

Conserving water, energy and other resources is rewarding for you and great for the environment. Enjoy a $5 voucher at participating food and beverage outlets or 500 Starpoints® awarded at check-out for each night you decline housekeeping (except day of departure)

It feels good to conserve. Make A Green Choice.

To participate in the Make a Green Choice program, please tell us at check-in or look for the doorhanger in your guestroom.
One night can mean significant savings:

  • Save Water
    49.2 Gallons*
    49.2 gallons is 787 cups, enough for 1 person to drink 2 cups per day for a year.
  • Save Electricity
    0.19 KWH*
    That's enough to run an Energy Star-rated laptop for 10 hours.
  • Save Natural Gas
    25,000 btu*
    Enough energy to heat a 400 square foot room at 70°F for 4 hours - when it's 10°F outside.
  • Save Chemicals
    7 oz*

Fewer chemicals equals less toxicity in the environment. And that's good for everyone.

*All amounts estimated based on average guestroom size and materials usage.

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